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Karaoke Box DUET is a ROOM KARAOKE establishment.
Commonly referred to as a "Karaoke Box" in Japan.
Guests can sing in their own private room without the embarrassment or stage fright associated with singing in front of strangers.
This style of Karaoke allows guests to reserve rooms with a group of friends, and feel at ease with people they know.

We have 12-16 private rooms that guests can rent by hour.
The smallest rooms are for 23 people, and it is a comfortable cozy room that you can sing without getting bothered from anyone from outside.
The largest room can fit up to 30 people with 50-inch projection TV, 100Wx2 speakers, dancing space and a large disco light.

DUET has a lot of song selection and updates every month from Pop, Rock and H&B Hits and Special Selections.
English 19,000 Japanese 88,000 Chinese 8,200 Korean 27,000
Vietnamese 700 Latin 3,000 Filipino 1,100 Indonesian 1,100


We charge by person per hour.
The charges are broken down every 30 min.
Daytime charge is $4 per hour per person (Mon-Thu) and $5 per hour per person (Fri - Sun).

Happy Hour - DUET has a special discount plan called "Karaoke Marathon", open through 8pm, guests can sing max 6 hours.