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Q. What are the rates?
A. We charge "per person per hour".
Our rates depend on the day and time.
See our price chart for details.
Q. Are there any hidden fees?
A. NY State sales tax (8.875%) will be added to your bill.
Otherwise, there are no other fees.
Food & drinks are additional costs.
Q. Are there any minimum?

A. You can rent our room for 1 hour. That is the minimum amount of time you will be charged for. 
There is no drink purchase required.

Please note: If you have guests who stay over 10mins,
they will be charged for a 30 minute stay.
(If they stay for over 40 minutes, they will be charged for 1 hour.)

Q. Is tipping necessary??

A. We have implemented a tipping system because it encourages our staff to provide you with the best services.

We appreciate tips for room cleanings, drink orders, special arrangements and additional requests.




Q. How many rooms do you have and what are their capacities?

A. We have many rooms in a variety of sizes.
Small rooms are recommended for 2 - 3 people,
midium rooms are recommended for 4 - 8 people,
large rooms  are recommended for 10 - 15 people,
and party rooms for maximum 28-35 people.
- Total 19 Rooms at DUET 35
- Total 15 Rooms at DUET 48
- Total 17 Rooms at DUET 53 

Q. Do you take reservations?
A. Yes, but for more than 2 hours only.
please call us with your party information.
(Date, Time, Number of People)
- DUET 35 (646) 473-0826/0827
- DUET 48 (212) 753-0030/0031
- DUET 53 (212) 757-4676/4748
Your credit card number is required as a security deposit for Friday & Satday Nights.
Sorry, we don't take reservations via e-mails.
Q. Can I book a specific room?
A. Since we charge per person per hour, we don't take specific room reservations.
We try to provide the best available room so that all guests are comfortable.
If you ask for a specific room upon booking, we can't make guarantees.
We will try our best to repetitive accommodate your party's needs.
Q. Is there an age limit?

A. There is an age restrictions on following operational hours.
- FRI, SAT & Night Before Holiday: 8:00PM~CLOSE
*A valid photo ID is required to enter to the establishment.

Q. Can I smoke inside of the room?
A. No, it is prohibited by NY State law. 



Q. Can I bring my own beverages?
A. Due to the policy of our liquor license, you are NOT ALLOWED to bring any beverages (either alcoholic or non-alcoholic) into our building.
Q. What time is the last call for the alchol?
A. 3:30AM. All the alchol beverages will be removed at 4:00AM. (4 hours past 0:00AM)
Q. How can I order drinks?
A. We have full bar with many drinks available.
You can either order from the room via the room-phone (These drinks are added to your room tab) or visit the bar in front and pay individually.
Q. Can I bring my own food?
A. Yes, you can. You can also have food delivered from a nearby restaurant. We have menus from a variety of nearby restaurants. ( Pizza, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, etc..)
Q. Can I bring a Birthday Cake?
A. Yes, of course! If you want to keep it cold, ask us to store it in our refrigerator.



Q. How often do you update your song list?
A. We update our song list every month. Our list includes the latest releases as well as special requests.
We try to update during the middle of the month, but it also depends on our distributor's schedule.
Q. Can I request songs?

A. Yes, but English songs only.
We add songs depending on the number of requests we receive.

However, please understand that if there is no company that makes a karaoke track for your specific song, we can't add it to our song selection.