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Karaoke DUET is a Karaoke Room establishment.
Also known as a "Karaoke Box" in Japan, Karaoke Rooms allow guests to sing in the comfort and privacy of
their own rooms.

We have a wide array of rooms that are very accommodating.
Our smallest rooms are recommended for 2~3 people. These rooms provided a very cozy atmosphere.
On the other hand, our largest rooms can hold up to 35 people!!
These rooms equipped with 60-inch Flat LED TV, 150Wx2 speakers, dancing space and a large disco light.

We have an immense playlist that's updated every month. Our guests can sing their favorite songs from evry genre including Pop, Rock and H&B Hits and much more.
We also provide over 20,000 English songs, 88,000 Japanese songs, 8,200 Chinese songs, 27,000 Korean songs, 700 Vietnamese songs, 3,000 Latin songs, 1,100 Filipino songs, and 1,100 Indonesian songs.
For More details, check out our song database. 


We charge by person per hour.
The stay can be extended by half hour wise.
Our Daytime hourly rates are $5 per hour per person (Mon-Thu) and $6 per hour per person (Fri - Sun).

Happy Hour - DUET has a flat rate plan called "Karaoke Marathon", opening through 8pm, guests can stay maximum hours of 7 hours.